Capabilities Statement

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Company Overview

US POD BOX, Inc, a Small Business headquartered in Hickory, North Carolina, is the sole U.S. provider of rugged, mobile units to efficiently transport supplies and capabilities for multiple professional applications. This Company services the needs of medical and emergency responders, disaster relief personnel and anyone who moves, or is required to move, their capabilities to other locations and environments. Through assessments, design, and implementation, US POD BOX, Inc ensures that all solutions operate at optimum performance.

Every piece of equipment offered by UD POD BOX, Inc, is made in the USA in compliance with USC, Title 10, Sec 2533 which mandates that the U.S. Department of Defense procure specified products from United States manufacturers only.

Functional Areas

  • Medical Mass Dispensing Solutions (Public Health, Emergency Management, Hospitals, etc)
  • Disaster Management and Storage Solutions for Responders and Agencies
  • Mobile/Deployable Workstations for Medical & Emergency Responders, Disaster Relief personnel, (L.E. & Mil) Small Weapons Armorers, Forensic Specialties, and Athletic Trainers.
  • School Nurse Carts, Large Animal Veterinarian Carts, Equine Carts & Mortuary Containers.
  • Specialize in Custom Cases design & construction to fit specific applications.
  • Military Medical Carts and Cases for Deployable Assets & Teams
  • Industrial Shipping and Storage Solutions
  • Unique Residential/Entertainment Cases & Carts
  • Reseller of Zarges Aluminum Cases
  • Reseller of Summit Appliances
  • Reseller of Disse Outdoor Gear

Company Demographics

  • CCR Registered
  • ORCA Registered
  • Fed Biz Ops Registered
  • DUNS#: 962133992
  • CAGE#: 5ZZP0
  • EIN: 27-1752129
  • NAICS/SIC Codes: 316991, 321920, 326199, 423450, 423910
  • FSC/PSC Codes: 4240, 6530, 6640, 8340
  • Registered: North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana State Vendors

Corporate and Contact Information

US POD BOX, Inc, is a privately held ā€œSā€ Corporation, headquartered in Hickory, North Carolina

345 7th Avenue Place NW
Hickory, North Carolina 28601

P: 828-850-3245
F: 866-561-7010

Contact: William Gardner, President/Owner

Telephone: 828-850-3245