What is a PODBOX?

A PODBOX is a unique cart used to facilitate the deployment or response activities of responders and technical personnel, who are tasked with supporting those in need. PODBOX improves response.

How does a PODBOX differ from other cases/carts?

  • PODBOX is Made in the USA, by American workers
  • PODBOX is made with the end user in mind.
  • US POD BOX designs and quality of Carts/Cases are based on a dedication to service to the responders. We do not build “disposable” products.
  • US POD BOX is the original designer and implementer of the rugged case to disaster response and unique needs after 2001.
  • US POD BOX will not produce low or lower quality products to make a sale.
  • US POD BOX stands behind each of its products with quick customer service, technical assistance.
  • US POD BOX has the ability to customize a PODBOX to fit your response needs.

How much does a PODBOX cost?

We are glad you asked. We believe our PODBOXes are not only built better than others, but also provide the best bang for the buck!

If you would like a price list, please click here!

What makes US POD BOX better than the others?

Our PODBOX is built to be the toughest on the market – to the point that some have said our PODBOX is overbuilt! We are fine with that. We know our products will be used in the most demanding environments at times when you can’t afford for anything to go wrong. We stand behind every PODBOX we send into the field because we know they are simply the best.

Check out these features:

  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • Exceeds ATA 300 transit case shipping requirements.
  • Tested to meet Military Standard 810 C/D transit case specifications (Independent lab tested).
  • Patented double angle aluminum construction – the most durable design in the industry used by professionals in all industries.
  • 2000 lbs. case load capacity.
  • Patented aluminum valance mating lid and body for a secure seal during shipping.
  • .040 ABS plastic outer laminate to 1/2″ birch plywood providing maximum protection during transit (will not dent).
  • Heavy duty 14 gauge steel corner protectors, secure twist latches, and corner braces.
  • 4 locking 4″ x 2″ casters (800 lbs. capacity per wheel) mounted to 1/4″ birch caster board with grease fittings.
  • Caster board extended for easy mounting of front lid to case.
  • Drawers constructed in 1/4″ birch plywood using patented double angle design with a weight capacity of 150 lbs. + per drawer.
  • Steel piano hinge (2″ open width).
  • Aircraft cable lid stays rated at 2500 lbs. TS.
  • Free standing table mounted in front lid (400 lbs. capacity).
  • Storage bins in lid that tilt and lock.
  • Birch plywood work surface with .040 ABS plastic laminate (allows for cleaning of surface).
  • Proven case design with over 50 years supplying cases for military deployment, disaster relief, professional sports equipment & athletic trainers, medical equipment manufacturers, video/broadcast equipment, computers, satellite, electronics, professional touring musicians, sound & lighting companies.

What are the practical uses of a PODBOX?

  • Mass Dispensing of Medication and Vaccine
  • Nursing Triage or Nurses Workstation in Medical Surge & Shelter events
  • Mobile ICS stations (Ops, Planning, Logistics, Finance, PIO, Safety, etc)
  • Storage of or Prepositioning of Medications and Medical Supplies
  • Annual Flu Clinics
  • HICS for Hospital Events
  • Armorers Cart for L.E. & Military Units
  • Applications of the PODBOX is only limited by the end user