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In today’s uncertain economy, adaptation is an important trait for any business to possess. One company that understands and exemplifies this well is US POD BOX, Inc. Headquartered in Hickory, NC, US POD BOX manufactures innovative solutions for a variety of industries and uses. To understand just how adaptive this company is, look no further than their signature product, the POD BOX.

The POD BOX is helpful for anyone who needs to transport materials into the field for efficient access and rugged, reliable storage. It is also perfect for anyone needing to ship or transfer expensive or fragile components over long distances. The POD BOX is both highly rugged and mobile. Use of tough materials ensures that the POD BOX can withstand virtually any environment or conditions. The durability of the box also means that it practically pays for itself given the many years of service it provides to clients.

William “Bill” Gardner is President and Owner of US POD BOX. Mr. Gardner and his company adapted the same ATA case technology used for years by the music and lighting industry and repurposed it for a specific application – helping the public. “The POD BOX concept first came into its own from a real need for a solution to help local health departments have the logistical means to mass dispense medications more efficiently,” he says. “The POD BOX proved to be the perfect solution for all health departments and supporting agencies tasked with providing emergent medications in the time of need.”

US POD BOX continues to help other industries adapt their tasks and technologies to be used more efficiently and open new doors for applications. The US Military Medical Logistics Command calls on US POD BOX to create rugged mobile and durable solutions for getting delicate and crucially needed medical technologies into the aide stations and field hospitals in war zones.

Customization is a key characteristic that makes the POD BOX so adaptable. These boxes are built to suit each client’s specific needs, with a wide variety of options available. Need refrigeration? No problem. Want integration with technology such as computers and other high-tech components? Again, US POD BOX has you covered. They can even match specific paint patterns and finishes to existing cabinetry or related surroundings if desired. “They’re configurable,” insists Gardner. “I’m not a fan of the term ‘customizable’ because that often implies that the product will be very costly. That’s really not the case at all,” he says.

The POD BOX is also the perfect solution for companies whose primary concern is in finding an environmentally friendly container option. With a POD BOX, you get a durable, reusable product that provides many years of reliable service. In turn, this helps your company to eliminate unneeded strains on the environment as well as your budget.

Today POD BOXES are used everywhere from government to the private sector. What started as a solution to a health department’s specific need has expanded to solve equipment storage and transport problems for a diverse array of clients.

Perhaps the most enthusiastic idea for the future of the POD BOX is with its potential as a mobile interactive whiteboard. Interactive whiteboards are absolutely essential in today’s classrooms, boardrooms or anyplace else people meet and have organized presentations or discussion. “The problem with these interactive whiteboards is that they aren’t mobile, and it is often pretty expensive to set several of them up in different places,” explains Gardner. “With a POD BOX you have the capability to integrate it with the same interactive display screen, as well as computer and internet connectivity and all the other components, in essence turning it into an interactive whiteboard with storage space, all in a package you can easily move from room to room.” This is an idea for future use of the POD BOX that Mr. Gardner is very excited about. This concept is a prime example of the innovative thinking that keeps his company on the cutting edge.

Clearly the adaptability of US POD BOX, Inc. has been the key driver allowing them to offer immense value and use to such a diverse assortment of customers. Many of the cases, boxes and solutions US POD BOX offers are designed and built in Hickory. Even so, having expanded in use across the entire country and to at least one US territory, Mr. Gardner now hopes to strengthen brand awareness and use closer to home. Headquartered in the Catawba Valley, home to some of the world’s foremost companies in the realm of telecommunications and fiber optics, Mr. Gardner admits that he would love more opportunities to work with more of them. “There are some really big-name companies in this area that I don’t work with, and I know that the POD BOX is perfect for their needs,” he says.

Visit, email them at, or call 828-850-3245 to learn more about how US POD BOX can help you.


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